29 March 2010

Arguing with the vet...

Back from the vets, and feeling exhausted... not so much because of Miki, he will be fine, I think, but because it seems such a struggle to do the right thing.
As usual, Miki was more upset about the trip than actually being at the surgery - once there he always seems so scared he forgets to struggle - he just hides in my arms... The vet soaked his paw and poked off all the crusty bits and underneath all that gunk it isn't looking as bad as I thought - there is even a tiny bit of nail left, so that's good news.

28 March 2010

Torn claw

Things kittens get into... and it's always Miki it seems:
I noticed this morning that his paw looked unusually 'dirty'. Looking closer it turns out it's all crusted up with blood between the toes. Ouch!!!
He doesn't seem to be bothered by it much, he doesn't limp and runs around as usual. He must have gotten his claws stuck somewhere - I wonder if he has torn one out... It looks like a bloody mess and I don't have the guts to clean it out for fear of making it worse. I can see a trip to the vet coming... Hate that, and Miki hates it too.

27 March 2010

Kitty entertainment

My cats have free access to the garden, and all the real wildlife it comes with... I still find the notion of cat videos rather odd. But I admit I had to try it... Oscar was fascinated!
The site I tried here was All About Birds (great clips and sound, shame you only seem to be able to have either image or sound :(

21 March 2010

Clicker taming

Today I used the clicker on Papa Cat. To truly baffling effect! So far the closest he will let me is that he will maybe, reluctantly sniff my hand; with the clicker I had him in front of me, eating treats eagerly off my hand, within 5 minutes!
I used the following sequence (with kibble treats):
- click/throw treat
- throw treat/click for eating
- extend hand for sniff/click-treat for sniffing
- offer treat on hand/click for sniffing, put treat down to eat next to my fingers
- offer treat on hand/click for eating off hand.

PS. Sadly, only a few days after this post Papa Cat disappeared, and has not showed up again...

19 March 2010

Mother and daughter.

18 March 2010

Oscar likes...

...sitting on my cross-legged lap. Whether I'm trying to do a bit of meditation, or whether I'm typing, like now, he will often clamber up on my legs and snuggle in. Love it!

Some cats feel like making themselves comfortable on rather more unlikely spots though! This is such cool little clip.

16 March 2010

Papa Cat

Lots of cats go in and out of back gardens in London... this is perfectly normal, and most do have happy homes.
One cat seems to be hanging around my garden more regularly than others... He behaves very much like a real feral, and I think he may well be the papa of my kittens...

14 March 2010

Show me the perfect treat

Positive clicker training requires the treat to be something of value to the trainee, something they really want! As a beginner I'm still on the big quest for the perfect treat, something my cats will go crazy for... It to be yummy, small, quick to eat, easy to handle. I'm forever looking for and trying out new ideas... If you have any ideas, let me know!