02 November 2009

Me and cats

I'm new to living with cats - sort of: As a 10year old growing up in Athens, Greece I used to feed an army of strays in the backyard, and even teaching tricks to some. We also had a dog (Ajax, my very best friend), a tank with goldfish, a couple of turtles, and changing guests of injured birds my father picked up at his rural work locations and brought home for me to look after until healed (this included a falcon who used to happily sit on my head and eat meat chunks off my hand for several months)
Then we moved, then I left the country... and managed to convince myself for the next 20 years that my lifestyle did not allow space for any pets and that I could live without any animals around me.

And then, the cats arrived! They have been endless joy since and I feel so lucky for having been chosen, and although slightly overwhelmed at first, even the thought of giving any of them away just breaks my heart so I'm now all set up for a life with 4 cats!

01 November 2009

One night in September

One night in late summer the bedroom window rattled, and a cat jumped in. Half asleep, half startled and a bit annoyed I put on the light to find out what was going on. Eventually, I found the cat and 3 newborn kittens nestling in the linen drawer under my bed. [gasp!...] Life has never been the same again!
The furry gang has brought endless joy and smiles to my life. I have started this blog to satisfy my urge to share my cat stories, enthusiasm and love, but also to share what I've learned and am learning every day about cats, from cats, with cats...