30 April 2010

The gift of affection

Many say cats are selfish and un-giving. I never understood this perception. I feel their love every day - my cats shower me with affection... not when I want it but when they want. What's wrong with that?
I'm delighted, happy, grateful every time I'm lucky enough to be offered their affection... when Psips talks to me in the morning, when Lily jumps on my lap and snuggles up the crook of my arm, when Oscar gives me nose kisses, and when even suspicious Miki comes over for cuddles sometime.
Not something you can force, predict, buy, or earn: it just happens, when it happens (and that's often enough to keep me smiling!)

23 April 2010


Psipsina really keeps an eye on 'her' home now. Intruders have no chance: the other day a fox sneaked in, and was immediately attacked with forceful, noisy determination. Today a new black cat came so much as near the garden door and was given a clear message about what would happen if she came any nearer.
With the kittens almost 8 months now, and out and about by themselves all the time anyway, I doubt this is her mothering instinct. This really is about her home = her territory. Uninvited guests keep out! (Maybe she'd would do the same with would-be burglars?)

17 April 2010


Today I planted new geraniums in my garden pots.
I LOVE geraniums, red geraniums, they remind me of home.

I've always had geranium pots, ever since I got my own garden, and they didn't seem to mind the English winter much. Until last winter - this time the frost burnt them all (and it came so suddelnly in early december that I didn't even have time to cover them up...).  Now I have six new pots with small plants, some showing early red buds - just have to work out how to prevent the cats digging in the fresh pots!

10 April 2010

Walking the walk of life

This is one of my favourite photos of myself. It's my birthday today - and the photo still very much looks like me and my life, as much as it did 10 years ago when this was taken...

08 April 2010


So the gang has been feasting on quail every morning. Always cleaning up their plates. And eating a lot less for (non-quail) dinner. I should have seen it coming: today I changed the game and they got gizzards for breakfast - and they are all turning up their noses. It's now almost an hour since the food has been out, and except for some tiny bites it's all left there untouched. Picky beasts... oh, it's hard to stick to be a strict kitty-mom.