22 July 2013

Too many eggs?

With 5 hens we get at least 3 eggs per day, mostly 4 (because one hen has been ill and doesn't lay). Needless to say they are delicious, but I only realised just quite how delicious they are when going on tour again recently, spending 2 weeks being served horribly bland hotel breakfast eggs.

Back home the supply of delicious eggs thanksfully never stops so I'm always desperately looking for ways to use them all up (unfortunately I'm not a cake baker/eater).
> boiled eggs for breakfast
> poached or fied eggs for lunch
> Spanish tortilla
> a Greek pita pie (a veg/cheese/egg pie in filo pastry)
> omelettes (but not my favourite)
> Chakchouka (North African style ratatouille with baked egg)
> Bernaise sauce with steak or asparagus
> chopped egg suce with capers
> take some to the neighbours, or even better, friends in London

I know there must be many more ideas out there - I'd love to har your suggestions!

09 July 2013

Summer evenings!

Precious, glorious and never-ending (we are almost made to believe...)