16 October 2013

The donkeys have arrived!

And my gosh are they gorgeous!
this photo: Jo Peak

Having donkeys was on the tip of my 'critter wishlist' when we moved here. But all sorts of obstacles had to be overcome before they got here:
> earn extra money to pay for the field shelter (no less, by running a chicken training workshop!)
> attending the mandatory course in donkey care (my first attempt was cancelled due to the donkey farm being snowed in at the end of March)
> getting the field shelter in place (means spending ages researching suppliers, deciding what I needed, carrying all the parts into the road-inaccessible field, having it put together...)
> getting the Donkey Sanctuary to visit twice before my paddock was 'approved'
> then waiting 4 1/2 long months for that phone call from the Sanctuary (that call came last week!)

Yesterday they finally arrived - just 2 weeks short of the one year mark since our move here.
They will be (re)named as soon as I get an inkling for 'their' names - suggestions welcome!

14 October 2013


Oops, I forgot to check the tomato patch for a week!...
Cheeky the chicken is very interested in the bounty of over-ripe tomatoes.