22 January 2010

training list

Here is my working list for our clicker training sessions:

What they have learned (more or less):
* go to mat * sit * high five * nose to target * jump up/down something * sit pretty * jump through my arms

What we're working on:
* come * go to crate * sit calmly in crate (even when it's locked or lifted/moved) * down * roll over * fetch/retrieve (well, we are at 'mouth/bite this' at the moment) * move through my legs (eventually weave) * walk on my shoulders * sit still to be brushed * scratch the scratching post * leave it (kitty-zen)

What I'd love to teach eventually:
(to be continued)

21 January 2010

clicker training!

I started clicker training the whole gang about 6 weeks ago and they have taken to it enthusiastically. To the point that they all queue up outside the closed door of the room where I try to work with each separately, scratching and meowing to be let in, LOL.
Psipsina even hisses and swats at the others waiting their turn when I let her out of the training room, which worries me a bit. I have tried to let her remain in the room staying 'in her spot' while I work with another one, but this is not yet reliable enough and it doesn't always work well - depending on how keen she is on the treats I end up having to control her rather than working with the kitten, so I have to keep the training sessions separate for another while at least. (means I'll probably end up with a frayed carpet by that bedroom door)

06 January 2010

Meet the gang: Miki

Miki (black & white boy) - he's used to be the smallest one, and he's still easily scared and somewhat suspicious of anything new. He developed a ravenous appetite a couple of months ago and has since grown a lot - he is really wiry now and the heavier than everyone else.
He also used also a bit of a 'problem child' with occasional but recurring litterbox accidents... but I'm glad to say some intuitive detective work and adjustments have solved the problem!

Meet the gang: Oscar

Oscar (tabby & white boy) - great looks with huge eyes and long hair, taking after the (suspected) dad. He used to be very shy and easily scared, but he is growing into a confident and relaxed stunner. An amazing jumper too, and my star clicker kitty.

Meet the gang: Lily

Lily (tabby & white girl) - very pretty and supremely confident, a real little tiger. She used to be the first to try everything when they were really small, but becoming more girly now. She decides when she wants to be touched, but when she does, she is super affectionate, purring like a helicopter.

Meet the gang: Psipsina

Psipsina (perfect tabby, 2yrs apprx) - the mama cat. It still amazes me how she figured that she would be safe sneaking into my house to have her little ones (I did notice her hanging out in my garden regularly for a few months before that, but lots of cats in London have outside access so I didn't think this unusual in any way) Her name is Greek for pusscat (in Greece, cats answer to the sound of pssss pssss - they do!). I just used it automatically when she arrived, and it stuck. She has been a great mum, but as the kittens are now almost 7 mo she is slowly getting her peace and own personality back. She was spayed in November and recovered well from it (though I worried myself sick).