21 May 2010

Had enough of travelling...

I'm away on a tour again for a few days... and finding I have left a number of vital bits behind... my laptop charger, for example, and even my spectacles! No wonder, considering that I spent the few hours before departure not thinking of my trip but trying to make every minute with the cats last longer... and it really broke my heart to leave them again. I need a change - the signals are piling up!

16 May 2010

Old French boy

He lives at the mayor's house, and he likes me.

15 May 2010

Away and torn

So I left the furry gang for a few days to join a gang of musicians for a festival in the Southwest of France (I do this for a living). It's a warm welcome - the sort of festival that once a year takes over a tiny village and involves the entire community, including long communal lunches and staying in a stone-built medieval chateau. My windows look out over the river and I feel like in another world and another time.
Yet everything is reminding me of my new 'family' I left back home: I find cat cookies in my jeans pocket, cat hair in my suitcase (and in my face cream...) and my shoelace has chew marks... Travelling around the world with musicians has been great fun for the last 10 years (even if you don't get to stay in a chateau every time) but suddenly I'm just not so sure any more where I'd rather be. Maybe it's time for a change.

10 May 2010

Impaled by tooth

The moment I came in the door I knew something was wrong... Psipsina didn't come to greet me, and when she showed up a while later she was acting strangely removed and cagey. I tried to brush it away as being oversensitive over my absence, and got on with the evening. Psips sat motionless on her box. This couldn't be right, so I had to have a closer look. She growled at me when I picked her up, and then I noticed she kept her tongue sticking out oddly. When I tried to look into her mouth she started yelling... (but no bites or major scratches, sweet girl she is)...

We got off to the vet first thing in the morning, with the cat box (a re-conditioned LeCreuset cardboard box) strapped on the back of my bicycle. The vet took one look at her mouth: the tooth was not broken, it was stuck through her lip!!
How on earth...??? Poor thing, she must have endured that impaled lip for at least 2 days... (and feeling really guilty I wasn't there to notice). I had to leave her at the vets to be sorted out under sedation.
Got her back home now, with a hole in her lip (the tooth really went straight through) but a lot happier. Just hope she heals well now (and without complications from all the drugs put into her...)

01 May 2010

Fox cubs!

There is an empty plot behind my garden; a real jungle, with secrets and surprises: